Saturday, December 20, 2014


President King Nebuchadnezzar also known as Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, received a new anointing this week when no less than his spokesman, Mr Doyin Okupe, declared on national television that the president was “just like Jesus Christ”. Even though quite a few people I know were outraged, I respect this. Let me explain.
You see, when all the prophets were on earth, people doubted them. Their followers tried to convince people but most thought they were liars and refused to follow them. I have read the history of most of the prophets. I will not be caught in the same mistake. Because of this knowledge of history, I never question claims to divinity or prophethood. That is how many Jews missed out on heaven because they refused to believe that Jesus was sent by God. There is no way I am missing out on heaven – I have nothing to lose from taking Doyin Okupe seriously.
Let me examine Doyin Okupe’s assertion and the few ways that Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is like Jesus Christ.
1.     Jonathan is persecuted. Everyone hates him. I am not sure why. The same way I am not sure why the Jews in the time of Jesus hated him so much. Look at the life of Jonathan. Since he emerged as president, it has been one insult after another. From clueless to bigot to corrupt to divisive. There is no reason for this. It is not like he has not shown remarkable leadership. It is not like he has not led by example: he refused to give into the pressure of his detractors to declare his assets or to fire corrupt ministers in his government. This surely makes him a strong president. It is not like he has been wicked: he has shown mercy to many repentant criminals by granting them pardon. This takes me to point two.
2.     Jonathan is forgiving. Do you remember when they came to arrest Jesus and one of his disciples cut off the ear of one of the soldiers? What did Jesus do? He healed the ear of the man who came to take him away and said that he who kills by the sword will die by the sword. Mention one top criminal that Jonathan has successfully prosecuted and imprisoned? He has no time for such wickedness. And remember when Jesus said about the harlot, „he who is without sin let him cast the first stone“? Yes. That is what Jonathan was trying to say when he said that stealing is not corruption.
3.     Jonathan came from humble beginnings. You remember how Jonathan didn’t have shoes growing up? You remember also how his father was a fisherman? Ok. Jesus’ father was not a fisherman, but a carpenter is not that different from a fisherman. In fact without a carpenter, who would make boats for the fisherman?
4.     Jesus went from being born in a manger, to riding into Jerusalem in nice robes on a donkey. Goodluck Jonathan has gone from being shoeless and riding in a canoe to being Nigeria’s number one public officer riding in bullet proof cars. Let’s just say that donkeys were the bullet proof cars of the days of Jesus. And I strongly suspect that if you do the research, you will find that the place in that fishing village where Goodluck was born was just as lowly as Jesus’ manger.
5.     Jesus changed water into wine. There is no evidence that Jesus drank the wine that he produced. Just as there is no evidence that Goodluck is given to a lot of wine. Wicked people will spread rumours about the president liking his drink but who can provide proof? Red eyes alone mean nothing. Lack of sleep can cause red eyes.
6.     Jesus was a teacher from the time he was twelve years old in the temple until he started giving sermons on mountains. Goodluck Jonathan was a teacher in Rivers State College of Education. Yes a college of education is no temple or mountain but the key word is teaching. The venue is immaterial.
7.     Jesus had an overzealous apostle who on one occasion even chopped off the ear of someone who tried to arrest them. Jonathan has Doyin Okupe.
8.     Jesus had patience. Goodluck Jonathan has Patience.

There are many more reasons I can give to make people stop getting angry at Mr Okupe for comparing Jonathan to Jesus. Buhari can attack this Nigerian prophet at his own risk. But as an old man, Buhari should know better. If the people campaigning for him are insulting this man who is just like Jesus, he should be like Pilate who came out publicly when the Jews wanted Jesus dead, to wash his hands clean of the blood of Jesus. Buhari should address a press conference with a bowl of water and do this. What you don’t want is bad luck at a time of elections. A word is enough for the wise.  


  1. OMG! You did a fantastic job with your comparison! Gosh You nailed it big time. My 2kobo suggestion 'JESUS died for us all even as sinners GEJ should die for Nigeria too come Feb 2015. Thanchu

  2. The greatest mistake any mortal can do is to compare mortality with immortality. GEJ had done the best he could, but let's not forget when GMB granted press conference immediately after the last general election where he vehemently said that HE will make Nigeria un-governable. We seems to have forgotten so quickly, please let's think twice.

    1. Source please... Where did he said that he will make NIGERIA ungovernable? Pipu sha

    2. It's ironic you bear the same name with Buhari 's running mate.


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