Saturday, December 8, 2012

Waiting for Wame

"...It is drizzling when we land and the steps out of the plane are slippery. I begin my descent slowly, ignoring the stinging pain around my left wrist. One step. Two steps. Three steps. Stop. I am doing good. Six steps. I feel breath leaving my lungs. I am not sure I can do this anymore. My arms are frozen but my crutches are moving. Fuck, no! Screams from frightened women. I feel my plastic cast slam against the stairs before many hands grab different parts of my falling body..."

Read more of my newly published narrative non-fiction piece here in Evergreen Review.


  1. Saddening.I must be the one that made the "so what if" comment-in my defense, i didn't know she was 82yrs old then. maybe 81?

    Ok, on a sober note, El, as usual, not just your skill with the pen (dude, i know u don't use the pen) but the topical nature of this, as others. It's a bad time to be a Nigerian. And just as Efe Paul says in #Justice has been kidnapped in my country "no one is willing to pay her ransom, no, not even me". Hmmmmm. We"re still sighing.

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