Friday, May 6, 2011


She saw him across the room

White shirt as always

He hadn’t changed

As their eyes met

She saw questions form like cornrows

In his eyes

And one by one she wanted to plant the answers:

"Yes I have put on weight

"No I do not use the perfume you sent me

"Yes this is my third Margarita and I have room for more

"I have started smoking again

"I let my hair down, I did the ponytail only because you asked

"Yes I took off my braces, I don’t care anymore

"No, I no longer shave down there, I hate the ingrown hairs

"Yes I have had sex since you left

"Yes it was you who left

"Yes the sex is better

"No, I do not wake up at night thinking of you..."

She wanted to blurt out all the answers

Instead she just said ‘hi’

And turned away.

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