Saturday, August 22, 2015


The Federal Government of Nigeria warns Nigerian citizens of the risks of travel to the U.S. and recommends that Nigerian citizens avoid all travel to Missouri, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Arkansas, Idaho, California, New Jersey and Tennessee because of the large number of hate groups and/or the situation in those states being fluid and unpredictable. To be clear, they kill black people.

The Federal Government strongly urges Nigerian citizens in the U.S. to consider their personal security and to keep personal safety in the forefront of their travel planning. We know some of you who are very light skinned or even mixed race may think you will be exempt from this hate against black people. You are sorely mistaken. In America any one who is not 100% white is black. You are black. They will kill you if they catch you. Our job is to warn you. 

The ability of the Federal Government to provide assistance to Nigerian citizens in Missouri, Wisconsin, Mississippi, Arkansas, Idaho, New Jersey and Tennessee states remains severely limited. The Federal Government continues to recommend against all but essential travel to the following states due to the risk of police shootings and brutality, drug gangs, racist attacks, unhealthy fast food linked to obesity and diabetes, measles, people who go on Jerry Springer, drive-by shootings, extreme consumerism, Donald Trump and other similar dangerous things: Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Baltimore, Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, Virginia, Kentucky, New York (yes New York: that Rudy Giuliani, the one CNN calls when they need a racist opinion for balance, lives there), Alabama, South Carolina. The Federal Government also especially warns against travel in Ferguson because of the threat of riots and police whose basic gear resembles that of the army. Worse, Ferguson has an armed group of white people called the Oath Keepers whose self-imposed mandate is to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic” and who normally show up when black people are protesting. Basically white people protecting white people with high caliber guns. The Federal Government cannot explain this. Just stay safe and out of Ferguson.

Based on safety and security risk assessments, the Embassy maintains restrictions for travel by Nigerian officials to those states listed above; officials must receive advance clearance by the Nigerian Mission for any travel deemed as mission-essential. Nigerian citizens should be aware that extremists could expand their operations beyond the south, mid-west and Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters to other areas of the country.

The Nigerian Mission advises all Nigerian citizens to be particularly vigilant around traffic lights, police vehicles, rallies full of white people, Americans who refuse to vaccinate their children; locations where large crowds of black people may gather, as this may attract white police, Molotov cocktails, teargas and CNN’s Don Lemon. The Federal Government cannot explain Don Lemon. Security measures in the U.S. remain heightened due to threats posed by racist groups, Tea Party members and white police. Especially white police who have claimed responsibility for the shooting of several unarmed people of color. Since this extremist police group killed Michael Brown in August 2014, over 1,000 persons have been killed by them throughout the country. Do not say we didn’t warn you. Sometimes they kill you by choking you to death, breaking your spinal cord behind a police van, hanging you in a police cell and calling it a suicide or just shooting you point blank as you are reaching for your seat belt.

2014-2015 and beyond saw an increase in deaths by police in the U.S. Although several hashtags went viral on the internet, police continued their killing without fear that the whole world could be watching. Sometimes, it didn't matter that passersby were filming the police brutality. They just pull the trigger and explain later. 

Donald Trump continues to threaten that if he becomes president he will be harsh with immigration. Nigerians may find themselves at the receiving end of this. While the Federal Government prays against the tragedy of Mr. Trump becoming president, the Embassy cannot assure Nigerians that Americans will not go against common sense and elect him. Hold your return ticket just in case.

Apart from hate crimes, the U.S. makes it shockingly easy to purchase a gun. Even a person with a record of crime or mental illness can buy a gun. They love guns. This means that someone who hates Mondays can walk out of his or her house and go on a shooting spree in a school. The Federal Government cannot explain Americans' love for guns. Be vigilant at all times. Someone whose girlfriend broke up with them may just shoot you. 

Violent crimes occur throughout the country. Law enforcement authorities usually respond harshly especially when you are black (again it does not matter how light-skinned you are). A word is enough for the wise.


  1. Thank you for warning Nigerian Citizens traveling to some US States or towns like Ferguson. I didn't know that Nigerian Government hired you to bring awareness! But jokes apart, you are doing a really great job here and I hail you!

  2. Great work. The Jerry Springer and Don Lemon I too cannot understand hahaha

  3. Funny. Because it's true. Elnathan u r and continue to be a genius... Keep it up - u have been warned!!

  4. I am taking this matter under advisement. Thank you for the warning. I wonder where the doctor that bleached MJ is hiding... His/her skills would be of great use now

  5. Will the Nigerian government offer asylum to non- white Americans fleeing the conflict?

  6. I don't think this came from the federal govt. They wouldn't be mentioning those names but all the same we should remain vigilant

    1. Bros, buy sense to understand simple joke nowwwww

  7. I hope you are not applying for an erican visa soon? You will denied on account of gross misinformation. Ha-ha. Good work though.

  8. Ohfergodsakes.

    Check out the American government's FBI crime index website. The vast, disproportionate amount of crime, especially violent crime, is committed by so-called "African-Americans". People who could barely find Africa on a map, and have never been there.

    Large groups of white people are usually in good spirits, celebrating and friendly to everyone regardless of ethnicity. The only rare exception is college sports events, when alcohol is involved. Even then, you will not encounter race based violence, but possibly antipathy towards those who had sided with the opposing team.


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